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Hares, hares, hares! Hares needed for upcoming Runs. Contact SuzhouH3@gmail.com for details.

Welcome to the Suzhou Hash House Harriers

This is it, the Suzhou kennel of the Hash House Harriers. For those not familiar with the club; the Hash House Harriers are a loosely-organized group of adults who meet regularly, or semi-regularly, to play a game based on the principle of Hare and Hounds (or a Paper Chase). The hares go out running and lay a trail and the hounds run behind and try to follow. There is no race or competition; the fun is in the group following of the trail and in the camaraderie over beer and food afterwards. The events (called Hashes) vary in length and terrain; city, trails, parks, even shopping centres - all are fair game. We normally Run once a month or every 2nd weekend, depending on the season, and both experienced Harriers and Newbies, as well as all who just like running or hiking or biking, and meeting people, (and who don't frown upon indulging in a pint or two), are welcome.


Run Reviews

Suzhou Hash Run No. 80: Second annual Thanksgiving Hash! A celebration of an American traditional, complete with hills, slippery slopes, turkey and pumpkin pie. Hares: Driving Miss Daisy, Just Fabian, Just Sean.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 79: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon overnight hash in Anji, Zhejiang Province. Shanghai and Hangzhou kennels joined us for a run through magical bamboo forests, misty mountains, waterfalls, clear streams... no ninjas spotted though.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 78: Halloween Hash! November 1st. Watch out for the zombies lurking around Yangchenghu... Hares: Just Fabian, Just Matt, Just Lynda.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 77: TaiHu Oktoberfest Hash! October 18th. Washed down with plenty of beer and German food. Hares: Durex, Feiji Bei, Just Lynda

Suzhou Hash Run No. 76: Running with the Hangzhou kennel, September 27th. Ridiculously steep bamboo-covered hills through the beautiful Hangzhou wetlands. Suzhou coming through victorious in the post-run boat-race once again!

Suzhou Hash Run No. 75: Stretch the legs with a mid-week hash! Wednesday August 27. Live A-A trail, meet and end at Blue Note Cafe, Moon Harbour. Hare: Just Lynda.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 74: Independence Day Hash! July 5th, Tianpingshan. "Love the hills, and they will love you back"... or something along those lines! 

Suzhou Hash Run No. 73: Moganshan EPIC Hash! June 7/8 overnight Hash in Moganshan! Hashers from Hangzhou, Drunken Dragons and Shanghai joined us for a weekend running through beautiful bamboo forests on ambitiously steep landscape. Great times! Hares: I love Blowjobs, Durex, DNI, Just Graham, Just Jess, Just Lynda.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 72: First mid-week Hash! Wednesday May 15th. Live Hash, starting and ending at the Big and Whistle, Rainbow Walk. Followed by dinner. Hares: Just Jess and Just Lynda

Suzhou Hash Run No. 71: Bicycle Hash! Despite the poor weather conditions, we had an excellent time on the live trail. A couple of pub stops and a delicious dinner to end the day.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 70: The annual Leprechaun Leap Paddy's Day Hash was very green and after the rough hills, the Hashers were rewarded with not just cold beverages, but also some serious muscle-relaxing heat at the hot springs before the Bash. Hares were Durex, Sausage Supporter, Just Jo and Just Graham.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 67: The  Nov 23rd Suzhou Hash Run was a Suzhou-Shanghai joint Thanksgiving Hash hosted by Suzhou. With turkey and everything!

Suzhou Hash Run No. 66: The Suzhou-Shanghai joint Run and Party weekend was on November 2nd and 65 Hashers turned out to hit the Qionglong Shan Hills. And in Halloween costumes at that. The Hares set a great trail and the Suzhou Hashers also showed their superiority over Shanghai in the Boat Race:-). The dinner bash was in the craziest restaurant anyone had ever seen, with 3 meter high horses and pyramids and huge trees and tree houses  for dining. And amazing food! Thanks to all who came out and made this a great day out! On-on!

Suzhou Hash Run No. 65: The September 7th Run was the All-China Nash Hash with Super-Rambo and Ball-Buster trails set by Suzhou H3! Great people, great trails and a great party and party bus! Thanks for the organization Shanghai H3 groups! On-on!

Suzhou Hash Run No. 64: The July 27th Suzhou Hash House Harriers Run saw the Hashers out at Shihu enjoying the golden buddha, bamboo forests and looking for wild monkeys in the 40C heat. Was it half a mind that was all that's required to join this club? Sounds about right....  

Suzhou Hash No. 63: For the June 22nd Run, Suzhou H3 teamed up with the Shanghai Drunken Dragons for the Dragons' anniversary Hash. As always, a great Run and party!

Suzhou Hash No. 62: Suzhou Hash Run no 62 was a hilly affair with Hares MK, Engineer, Just Steve and Just Richard challenging the pack at Shu Shan with a runners trail, a short walkers trail and a 15k killer Rambo option! 30 Hashers travelled out for the cross-country Run and we are happy to say that all survived. Suzhou H3 welcomed back Hashers Cunning Linguist and Slo Motion from their 2-year long USA stint and showed them love by allowing them to practice beer drinking each with an arm in the infamous tube. Virgin hares Just Steve and Just Richard did a great job and we look forward to running another one of their trails sometime soon.

Suzhou Hash No. 61: The first ever Suzhou Hash House Harriers Bicycle Hash was on on Sunday April 21st.  Yes, following the trail and hash marks, same as always, but on a bike. Tennessee Viagra Authority, MK and Phantom Flasher were the Hares and set up a wild and crazy ride through the Jinji Hu lake area with 20 Hashers in pursuit. The Hares were safe on the Dead Hare part of the Hash, but were caught by three super-fast bikers who must have been cheating on the Live Hare second half. It was a great day out and Suzhou H3 will definitely do another Bike Hash sometime soon. 

Suzhou Hash Run No. 60:  The March 17th Suzhou Hash Run was the annual Suzhou H3 St. Patrick's Day Run with a real Irish head Hare and lots of green jello shots. Sausage Supporter, Conan the Barbarian and JUst Steve set a great trail with lots of variety and a little something for everyone. The group of 35 green Hashers that invaded the Yangcheng lake area managed to just finish the main Run before a torrential downpour hit. The party bus headed back to Suzhou for the second part of the Run which involved following a maze of indoor and outdoor marks leading to various Suzhou establishments that had turned Irish for the day, and then of course the Circle and party. Good times! On-on!

Suzhou Hash Run No. 59:  The Saturday, Dec. 8th Run was cross-country in the Mudu area with wild and crazy Dr Hook and T-bone as Hares.  Watch this space for photos.

The Suzhou Annual New Year's Run was a great success! Thank you for the organization KingPiss!

Holiday Hashing: Suzhou H3 joined all 6 Shanghai Hashes for the annual Shanghai Santa Hash, and what a time it was!

Suzhou Hash Run No. 58:  The Sunday, November 11th Singles Day in China Run was out at Taihu Lake and 25 Hashers came out to bask in the sunshine and breathe the Taihu air. Sherry got a new name, and so did Brent, so a big welcome to Moonbeam van Ho and Clark Kent, respectively!

Suzhou Hash Run No. 57:  The Oct 27th Halloween Hash was a very exciting one with 27 Hashers dressed up in costume and turning lots of heads in Suzhou as they ran the Suzhou  Halloween Hash. King Tut was there, there were several witches and monsters, and the Hares all had vampire rabbit costumes with big ears! The Run followed a trail with written clues, instead of Hash marks and included several challenges for the Hashers, such as the 'take your photo while riding a flamingo' challenge, the 'cornhole' challenge and even the 'Gangnam style' dance challenge! Terracotta Flower Pot hosted the Bash with a barbecue at his place and Hasher Sam finally, finally, finally got his much-anticipated name and will ever after be known as Sir Hold-my-Stick. Photos from the Run have been promised, so keep an eye out here for them.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 56:   The Sept. 16th Suzhou Hash Run was a Sunday afternoon Run out in the Yangcheng Lake distric and featured great trails with lots of variety out in the lake district. About 30 Suzhou Hashers were on hand to enjoy the nice weather and the Naming of Just Larry and Just Kris.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 55:   Suzhou Hash Run no. 55 was out in the Wuxi countryside with real, live Wuxi Hares. Wuxi Hasher Short&Quick was there for a final stint as Hash Brew before returning to the Emerald Isle and Hares Conan the Barbarian and Just Julie set a great trail and inspired a new generation of Wuxi Hashers! Watch this space for photos. Probably won't be a Write Up until we get a new Hash Scribe, but hopefully a couple of photos......

Suzhou Hash Run No. 54:   After several weeks of nice cool temperatures, summer came out with a vengance for the July 21st Run. 21 Hashers braved the heat for a surprise old-town trail with lots of canals and Suzhou flavor. Watch this space for photos.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 53:   The June 16th send-off Run for our favorite Hasher, Agatha was out at Wang Shan with enough hills to satisfy event the most masochistic Hasher. And Agatha got a new paid of 'full moon' shorts, which he wore proudly throughout the Run, to the fascination of the local farmers. And Kyle finally got a name and will ever after be proudly known as SleazyWonder! Wonder Why???
Watch this space for photos and a full write up. 

Suzhou Hash Run No. 52:   Run no. 52 --the Suzhou Hash House Harriers joined the Shanghai Drunken Dragons for their 6th anniversary Run and party on May 12th 2012. And what a party it was, with a great send-off for Double Dutch Mountain and Ban the Cock who are leaving China forever.

Suzhou Hash Run No. 51:   Run no. 51 aka Taiping Taihu treat was on Sun. April 29th out at Guangfu Lake. This Run was hosted by the Shanghai Taiping Hash House and over 100 Hashers were in attendance! Thank you Taiping for a great time!

Hash Run No. 50:   Suzhou H3 Run no. 50 is not only Run no. 50, but it is also our Paddy's Day Leprechaun Leap!  Be sure to wear green!  Contact SuzhouH3@gmail.com for sign-up and more details. 

Hash Run No. 49:   Suzhou H3 Hash. no 49 was a Sunday afternoon cross-country Run in the Mudu Tianping Shan area.  Just Kyle, Daily Discharge, Just Kris, Just Roy and Agatha (yes, 5 (!!!) Hares!)  gave us a hilly and rocky cross-country experience with head-spinning cliff drops and breathtaking views. And even some Hashers managed to find time for shopping and arts and crafts on the 12k trail. Not sure how.........And did Just Kyle finally get a Hash name**** Tune in next time to find out! 

Hash Run No. 48:   The Feb 11th Suzhou Hash Run brought in a larger turnout than expected, considering the cold weather. Or was it the thought of catching a Live Hare that brought out 25 Hashers on a cold Saturday afternoon? It was a great Run and nice that our sponsors @Ollie's let us have the Circle indoors.  What a way to start off the year of the Dragon! 

Suzhou New Year's RunSuzhou's most popular end-of-year Running event was a great success.  Suzhou’s 6th annual New Year’s Eve Run was held on December 31st 2011. The Run was a 10 KM race through Ligong Di, Jinjihu Da Dao and Golden Lough.  

Santa Hash 2011 The renowned Shanghai Santa Hash annual charity Run was the weekend of the 9th-11th of Dec. 2011 and it was a great success! If you missed it this year, you'll have to wait all year for the next one, so plan ahead for this 2012 charity Bash.............

Hash Run No. 47:   Suzhou Hash Run on Sunday Nov. 20th was a live hare Run with Sausage Supporter and TVA as Hares. And nobody caught them, though Agatha did come quite close until he was thrown off the scent by a very nasty check. Seems like Suzhou is getting more and more into the Live Hare spirit! 

Hash Run No. 45&46:  The Chengdu Pandas Hash House Harriers came to Suzhou for a Hash Run Weekend from November 4th - 6th, and a great party it was! There was a pub crawl on Friday night, cross-country Run out at Qionglong Shan on Saturday with 55 Hashers in attendance followed by nice Sunday morning Run in Suzhou's historic old town. Thank you Pandas for the visit. Can't wait 'til the next Suzhou-Chengdu event! 


Hash Run No. 44:  Suzhou Hash Run no 44 was on Oct. 15th. Agatha, Daily Discharge and Just Kyle sent the Hashers on a wild and crazy trail the included traditional villages, farms, a boat ride, golfing and even fireworks. Photos and write-up coming soon.  On-on!

Hash Run No. 43: Run no. 43 was the adventure Hash of the year as for the first time, the group found a gate slammed in its face as the Runners approached. Lots of action and also, buddhas, wild monkeys, temples, and even an obstacle course -it was all there on this Run. Watch this space for photos and click here for the write up.

Hash Run No. 42:  Suzhou Hash Run no. 42 was the All-China Nash Hash in Beijing. The Suzhou group had a weekend full of Hash Runs and great parties with Hash kennels from all over China . Click here for photos. 


Hash Run No. 41The August 20th Suzhou Hash Run was a two-set live hare run throughout the SIP wilderness, with a Japanese beer stop in between. Slippery S and CSR were Hares for the first event, and for the second set they were assisted by Just Zoe, who proceeded to get everyone lost. But everyone ended up back at Ollies sooner or later and a great time was had by all. Click here for photos.

Hash Run No. 40:  July 30th was the Mermaid Love Hash. The Hares promised spectacular views, bamboo, lakes, hills, mermaids, goats, love and more. Most of that was pretty accurate, though they didn't mention the Stairway to heaven aspect.... Click here for photos.

Hash Run No. 39: The July 9th Suzhou Hash. Well, Come Alone and Conan the Barbarian aka the Hares dubbed it the Waterfront Run, but it seems like just calling it the Wet Run would have been more appropriate.......Has anyone ever seen so much rain on a Hash? A new record was set, and even live Hare didn't work as marks were washed out as soon as they were put down..  Click here for photos.

Suzhou Run No. 38: Suzhou H3 joined the Shanghai Drunken Dragons to celebrate the Dragons 5th anniversary.  The Hash Run took Suzhou Hashers to a sunny location outside of rainy Suzhou and was followed by a BBQ on-site. Thank you Dragons for a great time, and nice t-shirts, to boot! .....Click here for photos.

Suzhou Run No. 37: The Yangcheng Lake Lotus Island Suzhou Hash Run was Saturday June 11th. 40 Suzhou Hashers braved the rain and lots and lots and lots of mud and a great time was had by all. Photos here.....

Suzhou Run No. 36: The May 28th Suzhou Hash Run featured a beautiful trail in the Jiangsu countryside with forests and fields and ponds and hills and vineyards and even a grass farm (??).  Over 88 checks were counted, though the accuracy of the counting by any Hasher is well up for debate.... In any case, the checks kept everyone together and provided just the right level of challenge for the 40 Hashers present.... Except maybe Mr. Mo, who rumor has it, got a bit carried away while setting up the beer stop and was seen hiding on the bus instead of going on the Run? Engineer Early-Riser, Sausage Supporter, Come Slowly and Just Adam did a great job and has anyone mentioned that this might well go down in Suzhou Hash History as one of the top trails of the year?  Read the Write-Up on this Run.    Photos here.

Suzhou Run No. 35: The May 5th-8th Joint Hash Weekend with the Chengdu Panda Hash was an incredible time with 16 Hashers from Suzhou travelling out to Chengdu for a long Double-Hash weekend. The Pandas showered us with hospitality and showed us an awesome time with super trails, amazing food and the best of company.  Thank you Pandas! Read the Write-up here.   Photos Here.


Suzhou Run No. 33:  Despite the expectations of some, the Suzhou Hash House Harriers Run no. 33 was very definitely a Hash Run. 2 sets of Hares did the markings, and there were lots of buy one get one free beer stops in between. MK and Tiny Tim hosted this first ever 'Train the 'Hers post-marathon Hash' , and it certainly won't be the last one! Photos here.

Suzhou Run No. 32:  The Suzhou Hash House Harriers Run was a long affair. Hares Slippery S. and Just Mark of Decent Body fame forced 29 Suzhou Hashers to reach a whole new level by setting an over 15k trail without a beer stop. Even the beautiful spring weather and sunshine didn't save them from the lynching, tar, and feathers afterwards.  Keep an eye out for Dr Ruth's Write Up and  click here for Phantom Flasher's photos.

Suzhou Run No. 31:   The March 12th Run was an eventful one -there was Just Marina who managed to find a pit of quicksand while searching for true trail, and Just Sam who saved her with his big stick and Tiny Tim, who had run off to NingXia for a special massage at the last moment, leaving LTTB to train virgin Hare Alex on his own, and more.....Photos here, and if we are lucky, there will be eventually be a write up of the tale!

Suzhou Run No. 30:  The first Suzhou Hash House Harriers Cross-Country Run of the Year of the Rabbit was on February 26th. MK, Phantom Flasher and Dr. Ruth took the unsupecting Hashers on a wild and crazy Run over hill and dale, through tea plantations and bamboo forests, around and over ponds and through parks.  Our RA's rain dance didn't work, though and although the Run started off in dry conditions, we were drenched by a torrential downpour in the first half. Read the Pulitzer-winning Write Up and View Photos from the Run.

Suzhou Run No. 29:  The Suzhou H3 Run travelled to Wuxi on Jan. 22nd to join the Wuxi Hash House on their Farewell Run. There were 6 Hares for this historic Run and a 15-course meal and even bigger party after. Write up coming soon. And Photos--- as soon as we can get them off of Dr. Ruth who has been suspiciously reluctant to give them up!

Suzhou Run No. 28:  The first Run of the New Year was on Jan 15th 2011. LTTB and Tiny Tim hared this historic Suzhou City Run which will go down as the first Run in Suzhou H3 history where mulled wine was served at the 'beer stop'. Click here for Photos

New Year's Eve Run: The 5th annual Suzhou New Year's Eve 10 km Run was a great success with
Nicola Beretta of Italy winning the men's 10K, Mari Kauri of Finland taking the prize in the women's 10K and Ferdinando Sorrentino from Italy coming in first for the Men's Masters 10K. Download the results here:

The 12 Pubs of Christmas: And what a party it was! Click here for the Suzhou H3 special 12 Pubs song and here for Photos.

Anniversary Run - aka Run Number 26:  One year of Suzhou Hashing! The Suzhou H3 anniversary Hash was on Nov. 20th and was quite the memorable event. 92 Hashers joined in the Run through the countryside and at the party afterward.....Click here for the Write up and Photos.

Run Number 25:  The Suzhou Hash House Harriers joined the Wuxi H3 for their Saturday October 23rd Run at Taihu Lake. 20 Suzhou Hashers joined the Wuxi crowd for a great and muddy run along the lake and through the bamboo forests and the rain did nothing to dampen the Hashers' spirits. View the Photos from the Run here: but the Write-Up is still not available -those lazy Suzhou Hashers really do need to get their act together!

QiMen Ancient City Wall Hash  Suzhou Hash House Harriers Run no. 24 was on October 16th at Wang Shan in the Shihu Lake region. There were 24 Hashers in attendance and the cross-country trail took us along part of the thousand-year old Qi Men ancient city wall.  See Photos here and keep and eye out for the Write-up.

Number 23 - Hash Down Memory Lane     Suzhou Run No. 23 was s a trip down memory lane with a re-enactment of Suzhou Hash Run Number One. The Run was good and the Party afterwards even better. Click here for the Write Up. Photos coming soon. .

Nash Hash  The 2010 All-China Nash Hash was held in Qingdao and Suzhou H3 was there!  Read the Write Up. Click here to view Photos from the event. .

Dongshan Hill Hash      Suzhou Hash Run number 21 was a Home Hash Run at Taihu Lake's Dongshan Island on August 21st . 36 Suzhou Hashers hit the Hills in the Heat for a great Run with a BBQ Bash afterwards.  Read the Write Up and check out the Photos

Number 20      Suzhou Run no. 20 was with the Shanghai Drunken Dragons on August 7th at Dianshan Lake, just across the border into Shanghai. The weather was hot, but (most of) the beer was cold and as always, the Dragons were great hosts. Read the Write Up here.

Number 19       Suzhou Hash Run number 19 was on July 24th at Yangcheng Lake. Hares were Engineer, Jingjing (who got a new name), PhantomFlasher and MasterKater.  Photos are up now (Click Here) and read all about it in the Write Up....

Suzhou H3 Run number 18      Run number 18 was on July 10th. 32 brave Suzhou Hashers defied the weather forecast of heavy rain and travelled to Tongli for the Run. And apart from a torrential downpour that started just as the Hash Bus pulled into point A and lasted all of 10 minutes, the weather was great. The Hares had set a challenging Run and the was ice a-plenty at the Circle. Watch this space for photos and the write up.

Shanghai Taiping 10th Anniversary Run      The Shanghai Taiping Hash House invited Suzhou H3 to join them for their 10th Aniversary Run. The Run was on Saturday June 26th at Taihu Xi Shan island and 30 Suzhou Hashers joined the festivities. View Photos from the Run here and read the Write Up.

Drunken Dragons 100th Run      The next Suzhou Hash attended the Drunken Dragons' 100th Run Anniversary Hash on June 5th at 13:30. This was a cross-country Hash in the Zhouzhuang water town area and including Suzhou H3, there were over 100 Hashers present to mark the occasion. Click here to see Photos from the event and check out the Write Up.

Xishan Hash     The Suzhou Hash House hosted a Home Hash at Taihu Lake's Xi Shan Island on May 29th.  The Shanghai Taiping and the Shanghai Drunken Dragons joined the Suzhou H3 for the run, and the total of 52 Hashers on the Run breaks the previous 'Biggest Suzhou Hash' record of 46 Hashers for a Home Hash (Shi Hu Hash). See photos and Read more.

Mountain Goat Hash     The May 15th Wuxi Hash was quite the experience. Dubbed the Mountain Goat Hash by all in attendance, it featured--you guessed it--a very, very big hill. A total of 46 Hashers were in attendance for the climb up. It was a rough trail for all, but the fun had at the Bash afterwards made up for it all. View Photos and read all about it in the Write-up


Labor Day Hash       The Suzhou Labor Day Hash was on May 1st and was a festive affair. The Harriers travelled northwest to the Shu Shan hot spring area for a cross-country run. Hills, valleys, tea plantations hot springs and temples all made an appearance. Visitors from Shanghai, Wuxi and Malaysia joined us for the Run, and Bigfoot even put in an appearance! View photos and a full write up.

April Harriers in the Suzhou Old Town           The Suzhou Hash House Harriers invaded Shantang Historic District the afternoon of Saturday April 10th. This was a Suzhou Old Town Hash in the Shantang Historic District. Tiny Tim, Sausage Supporter, Shuttle Cock and Helen hared the event and took us on an amazing tour of cobblestoned alleys, canals bridges and all that makes Suzhou Suzhou.  The Nanjing Hash House sent over some representatives to join the Run. They were shown Suzhou hospitality and even got to see a naming ceremony at the Circle. Click here for photos and war stories  from the Run.

Changshu Spring Hash 

The Suzhou and Wuxi Hash House Harriers teamed up for an Away Run at the YuShan Mountain resort area in Changshu on March 27th. Footrot's bagpipe playing was a major highlight and a good time was had by all. If you missed it, be sure to have a look at the Photos and the Write Up to see what all went on.


March Taihu Dong Shan Hash

The Suzhou Hash House Harriers joined the Shanghai Taiping Hash for a Taihu Dong Shan Run on Saturday March 20th.  The trail featured a fish pond maze, tea fields, farming villages, orchards, and, of course, views of the lake. Shanghai Taiping Hashers Van Cock & Ban the Cock and a group of flour-throwing assistants set the trail. It was Live Hare and the Hares almost got caught....and we all knows what comes next if that happens! The Bash afterwards featured traditional Jiangsu cuisine.Read all about it in the Write-Ups -Away section of this website and and  View Hash Photos here.



New Year's Eve Run Dec. 31st at 16:30. Suzhou Hasher King Piss is organizing the 5th annual Suzhou New Year's Eve 10 km Run; the only race in town with an HB Hofbrau beer stop! The Starting Point is at the Golden Lough. This year there will also be a children's 1.5km fun run for children of running parents. Limited number of places available. Trophies for the winners. Registration fee is 40 RMB per person. Please register by email before Dec. 15th to suzhourun@hotmail.com to ensure a place. Download New Year's Run flyer