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    Tourist Spots >> Confucian Temple | 苏州文庙
    [ Suzhou -- Jiangsu ]
    update: 3/3/2017
    Dacheng palace, Dacheng Palace tablet, Lingxing Men, Confucius, Confucian temple |大成殿、“大成殿”门匾、棂星门
    The Confucian Temple was established in Suzhou during the Song Dynasty. It became famous throughout the region for scholarly study. During these times, notable happenings were recorded on the stone tablets that flank the temple. 苏州文庙府学是北宋名臣范仲淹于景祐二年(1035年)创建的,迄今已有960多年历史。范仲淹出任苏州知州的次年,在南园遗址上,设学立庙。
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    The Confucian Temple actually was originally founded as a school. The Confucian Temple School was established at 1035 and has a history of over 960 years. In the following year after Fan Zhongyan’s appointment as Suzhou’s governor, he built a school in a vacant part of Suzhou South Park. Fan Zhongyan appointed the famous educator Hu Yuan as the head professor. The temple school became famous for its success and later became a model for schools in other districts and counties. After extensive expansion, the school property had reached nearly 200 acres by the time of the Qing Dynasty. It was praised as the crown of schools south of the Yangtze River. Nowadays the remaining area of the temple school is only 1/6 of what it used to be. The remaining main buildings include Lingxing Gate, Ji Gate, Dacheng Hall, Chongsheng Shrine, Qixing Pond and Minglun Hall.

    Special points of interest
    Dacheng Hall, the tablet of Dacheng Hall, Lingxing Gate

    Admission fees and opening hours
    Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 08:30-16:00
    Admission: free of charge

    Address, phone / contact person
    Confucian Temple, 45 Renmin Lu, Suzhou
    Tel. 0512 6519 7203 (CN)

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    电话:0512 6519 7203




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