• Wujiang Qipao Town
    吴江旗袍小镇 [SND] 

  • Address: Shengjiashe Ancient Street, Songling Zhen, Wujiang District, Suzhou
    Address for taxi/地址: 苏州市吴江区松陵镇盛家厍老街旗袍小镇

  • Tel: 0512 8688 8868 (CN)

  • Wujiang Qipao Town website

  • Traffic route:Metro line 4 → Bus No. 712
    1. Take Metro line 4 and get off at Wujiang People’s Square
    2. Take the Bus No. 712 and get off at the Youzheng Dalou Stop (passing by 4 stops)
    3. Walk 130 meters and arrive at the qipao town
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