• Tower Bridge in Suzhou (aka Taying Qiao)
    苏州伦敦塔桥 [Xiangcheng]

  • Address: Less than 500 meters to the west of the crossing of Qi Men Bei Da Jie and Hua Yuan Lu, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
    Address for taxi/地址:苏州相城区华元路与齐门北大街交叉口往西不到500米苏州伦敦塔桥

  • Getting there by bus:  Take bus 814 from Du Shi Hua Yuan (on Suxiu Lu,near Xing Hai Jie crossroads, north of Xinghai Guangchang Metro Stop) to Huoli Dao Dong stop and the bridge is 500 meters to the east of the stop.  There are 14 stops to get there

  • 公交:可在“都市花园南”公交站台(在苏绣路上,靠近苏绣路与星海街的交叉路口,位于星海广场地铁站3号出口北面)乘坐814路,经过14站,在“活力岛东”站台下车,塔桥在该站台往东方向500米以内。
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