• Jing Si Yuan

  • Address: Suzhou Wujiang District, 919 Yunli Lu
    Address for taxi: 静思园苏州吴江云梨路919号   

  • Tel. 0512 6343 9118 or 0512 6343 9000

  • Click here for more information on this tourist attraction

  • Getting there:

    Direct bus from the Suzhou South bus station, buses run every 15 minutes. The trip takes 30 min. and costs 6.5 RMB
    苏州方向:苏州汽车南站→静思园:每15分钟一班  车程:30分钟,票价:6.5元

    Direct bus from the Suzhou North bus station, buses run every 20 minutes. The trip takes 40 min. and costs 7 RMB
    苏州汽车北站→静思园:每20分钟一班  车程:40分钟,票价:7元; 
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