• Suzhou Garden and Transport Card Issue Centers

  • Suzhou Citizen Card Service Center (Suzhou City)

    Address: Dongrun Dasha 2F, 188 Sanxiang Lu, Suzhou
    Address for taxi / 地址: 三香路188号东润大厦2楼(华侨饭店西)

    Tel: 0512 6863 3733

  • Hongsheng Dasha Suzhou Tong Customer Service Center (Suzhou City)

    Address: 1st fl. Hongsheng Dasha, 566 Ganjiang Lu, Suzhou
    Address for taxi / 地址: 干将东路566号宏盛大厦一楼西侧(凯莱大酒店斜对面,丽景苑东面)

    Tel: 0512 6522 3311

  • Xinghai Suzhou Tong Garden and Transport Card Service Center (SIP)

    Address: Xinghai Guangchang South Area A206-2 (in the metro station), Suzhou SIP
    Address for taxi / 地址: 苏州园区星海生活广场南区负二层A206-2(出口2)

    Tel: 0512 6521 2623

    Metro 1: Xinghai Guangchang exit 2 (SIP)
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