• Nagomi Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant
    (Linghui Guangchang)  
    “和”日本料理 铁板烧(领汇广场店)[SIP] 
    Address: Linghui Guangchang 2F, Suzhou Dadao Dong, Suzhou SIP
    Address for taxi/地址:苏州园区苏州大道东领汇广场2F
    Metro 1: Nanshi Jie exit 4 (SIP) 
    Tel. 139 1558 6560 (EN & CN) & 0512 6762 6998 (CN)

  • Nagomi Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant
    (Younger Radisson Plaza)
    “和”日本料理 铁板烧(雅戈尔雷迪森广场店)[SIP] 

    Address: Yage Er Leidisen Guangchang 19-104,
    535 Shenhu Lu, Suzhou SIP
    Address for taxi/地址:苏州园区沈浒路535号
    雅戈尔雷迪森广场19幢104室“和”日本料理 铁板烧
    Tel. 138 6208 2346 (EN & CN) & 0512 6591 6994 (CN)


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